Documenting Hate Incidents in Alberta

Why the STOPHATEAB.ca website?

Given the recent attention to hate-related incidents in Alberta, there is a significant need to document these incidents. The purpose of the #STOPHATEAB website is to fill this gap and create a space to document. Using our online form, users can document hate incidents, and can help build our map of documented hate incidents.

Information generated from the #STOPHATEAB website will support the outreach and education initiatives of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee.

IMPORTANT: If you have been a victim of a HATE CRIME please report this to your local police department.

Hate Crime vs. Hate Incident, What’s the difference?

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, a HATE CRIME is defined as a crime motivated by hate, based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor.

Only three sections of the Canadian criminal code specifically deal with hate crime: s. 318, s. 319. And s. 430. All hate crimes should be reported to the police.

A ​hate incident​ is a ​non-criminal​ action committed against a person or property, the motive for which is based in whole or in part upon the same characteristics mentioned above. Because they are non-criminal in nature, police are limited in their ability to be involved.

Hate incidents often go undocumented. The #STOPHATEAB website provides a place where these incidents can be captured. By making this information accessible, communities can be greater aware and informed about the impact of hate on communities in Alberta.

*Map last updated December 2020 (map updated every quarter)

Click on each “cluster” (dot on the map) for more information about the hate incident. Questions or comments? email: AHCC@AlbertaHateCrimes.org

To learn more about the Alberta Hate Crime committee, or to request a training workshop, please visit: http://www.albertahatecrimes.org/

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