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This form is designed to give you a platform to report a hate incident to the Alberta Hate Crime Committee. PLEASE REPORT ALL HATE CRIME TO THE POLICE. A hate incident is a non-criminal action committed against a person or property, the motive for which is based in whole or in part upon the victim’s race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Because they are non-criminal in nature, police are limited in their ability to be involved.

Information from this form will help develop a clearer understanding of hate incidents in Alberta, and will help the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee with our outreach and educational programs. No identifying information will be asked for and your report will be anonymous. If you have any questions, please email us at

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Bias indicators are objective facts that should be considered in determining the presence of bias in the course of the act. Bias indicators provide an indication that further investigation with a view of establishing a motive may be required. Based on your description of the incident above, please select the presence of the following bias indicators (Please select all that apply):

Victim perception – the victim perceives the incident was motivated by biasWitness perception – the witness perceives the incident was motivated by biasDifference between suspect and victim – do the suspect and victim differ in terms of racial, religious, ethnic/national origin, gender, or sexual orientation?Location – Was the victim in or near an area commonly associated with or frequented by a particular group?Timing – Did the incident occur on a date of particular significance for the target group? Examples include religious holidays, cultural celebrations, or PRIDE day.Language and words used – Did the suspect make comments, statements, or gestures regarding the victim’s background?Organized hate group – Were objects or items left at the scene that suggest the incident was the work of an organized hate group?History of previous bias incidents/crimes – Is there a history of similar incidents in the area?

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Please read and click the box: The Alberta Hate Crimes Committee will use the information collected from this project to raise awareness about hate incidents in Alberta. This includes (but is not limited to) public reports and presentations, marketing campaigns, and social media posts. All user information will be remain anonymous.

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